Field Sites

The location of Queenscliff, at the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula where Port Phillip Bay meets Bass Strait, is an area offering a diverse range of marine habitats.

mudflats openocean qcliffbeach saltmarsh

High-energy ocean beaches of - Bass Strait

Low-energy sheltered beaches of - Port Phillip Bay

Rocky intertidal platforms and subtidal reefs at - Pt Lonsdale and Barwon Heads

Estuaries at the - Barwon River

Mudflats of - Swan Bay and Barwon Heads

Seagrass meadows in and around - Swan Bay and Port Phillip Bay

Mangroves at - Barwon Heads

Saltmarshes around - Swan Bay and Barwon Heads

Bay and shelf waters of - Port Phillip Bay, Corio Bay, Swan Bay and Hobson's Bay

Marine Reserves at - Pt Lonsdale, Swan Bay, Barwon Heads Bluff, Mud Islands and Pope's Eye

The above habitats form a unique combination for marine research and teaching. All locations are easily accessible from Queenscliff.

For more information on the tides, bays, reserves and species in and around Port Phillip, follow the links below.....