Postgraduate Research support 2014 -

In 2015, the VMSC Postgraduate Award was awarded to Marlenne Rodriguez-Malagon, a PhD candidate at Deakin University.  Marlenne's research focusses on individual foraging specialisation in Australasian Gannets (Morus serrator) and it's reproductive consequences. 




(Marlenne is pictured in the field on Port Phillip Bay)



Other avenues VMSC offer encouragement to young scientists is through annual student prizes at the Australian Marine Sciences Association Inc. (AMSA) and the Australian Society of Fish Biology (ASFB) conferences.  


VMSC/AMSA Award Recipients:

Year        Recipients

2016        Amanda Pettersen, Monash University
2015        Alexis Marshall, La Trobe University
2014        Natalie Soars, The University of Sydney
2013        Ana Bugnot, The University of Sydney
2012        Prue Addison, The University of Melbourne
2011        Justin Lathlean, The University of Woollongon
2010        Dan Coleman, The University of Woollongong
2009        Joanne Banks, The University of Melbourne
2008        Alexandra Campbell, The Univesity of NSW  
2007        Joyce Ong, The University of Melbourne
                & Trudy Costa, The University of Melbourne 


VMSC/ASFB Prize Recipients:

Year        Recipients

2016        Kay Weltz, The University of Tasmania       
2015        Anne-Marie Hegarty, The University of Technology Sydney
2014        Stephanie Brodie, The University of New South Wales
2013        Sarah Catalano, The University of Adelaide
2012        Elena Sulin, Murdoch University
2011        Athol Whitten, The University of Melbourne
2010        John Ford, The University of Melbourne (Inaugural Award)