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Undergraduate courses at all levels are conducted throughout the year at VMSC. Some courses are taught collaboratively.ugrads mudflatsugrads onbeachugrads rockyshoreu grad inlab

Most people probably think of Australia's coastal areas as spectacular corals and the Great Barrier Reef. However, half of Australia's extensive coastline is in temperate waters, and the southern marine flora and fauna is every bit as special as the terrestrial biota. Many groups, such as red seaweeds, crustaceans, and sea squirts are exceptionally diverse, and the vast majority of species are unique to Australia. The following field courses introducing students to the flora and fauna, and investigating ecological interactions among these organisms are offered at VMSC.

The courses are offered through the individual universities.

Deakin University
Marine Biology
Online undergraduate and postgraduate handbooks.

Monash University
Marine Biology
School of Biological Sciences

The University of Melbourne
Marine Botany (in early summer - late November to early December). Field work along the Victorian coast will focus on the identification and ecology of Australia's unique seaweed flora.

Experimental Marine Biology (in early February). This subject covers current ecological principles and concepts, particularly as they apply to the marine biota. The major focus is on the design and analysis of ecological experiments.

RMIT University
Marine Biology. Semester 1 subject including an overview of Marine Biology for 3rd year students. Field and lab work at VMSC introduces students to a wide range of habitats, organisms, and sampling methods. Includes snorkeling.

RMIT University Course Information

Victoria University
Victoria University's course guide